does your search move you or does the execution paralyze you? say hello NoSQL solution

Isn't it time your search worked for you?

As data explodes in Enterprises, precise search and discovery of information is critical. With sub-second search capabilities over billions of records and the ability for millions of simultaneous targeted searches, MarkLogic provides the most advanced Big Data search out there. Don’t get stuck migrating to replacement software, when a simple switch to MarkLogic could take your business further, faster.

The MarkLogic Kit

We've gathered a crash course of MarkLogic offerings. The Kit below contains:

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magic quadrant
Beyond Search

Learn how MarkLogic can help find, analyze, and derive value from diverse data sources.

application server
Application Server

Fairfax County Case Study

search engine
Search Engine

Big Data as Science
(Royal Society of Chemistry)


Inside MarkLogic Server

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Why Use a Hammer on That Screw When There’s a Screwdriver?

why use a hammer?

Stop using the wrong tools. MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL Database has an integrated application server and search so you can easily replace your father's search technology. No need to rebuild schemas, no reentering, reloading and reconfiguring. Just load the data as-is and find it as-needed.

Hear what IDC analyst, David Schubmehl has to say about why there is a need for Unified Information Access to break down silos and see how MarkLogic's capabilities match the requirements IDC is seeing in the market.

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Search and Discovery Scaled to Olympic Proportions

olympic video

Take a peek inside the London Olympics: 2.8 PB of data generated every day – event stats, backgrounds, news feeds, stories, and endless social media posts from around the world. 10,960 athletes, 302 medal events, and the world was waiting for updates. In real time.

Learn how BBC and MarkLogic worked together serving 21,000 journalists and over 60 million unique IPs accessing the site in the two weeks of the Olympics. BBC has set gold standards by breaking the record for search, download and viewership.

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Using Big Data to Help
Catch Bad Guys

catch bad guys

Join us to hear Rob Rudin, EMF Chief Engineer at Boeing, and Ken Krupa, Chief Field Architect at MarkLogic, discuss how you can leverage NoSQL and other technologies to incorporate more data faster, and analyze it to gain new insights to help with counterterrorism and law enforcement.

Boeing has used MarkLogic as the applications and analytics platform for an Entity Management Framework (EMF) solution that helps with identity management, case management, screening, incident reporting, and criminal history. This solution is already deployed successfully in multiple agencies.

Watch what MarkLogic can do for you. See how our clients have solved their key challenges together with MarkLogic. This new type of search has pushed them ahead of their competition. Get some ideas on how to get up and running today.
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