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Atlanta: Twelve Hotel Atlantic Station

Tuesday, June 11
361 17ᵗʰ Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30363

The world of enterprise management has been tremendously impacted by Big Data. Legions of IT pros are trying to make legacy technology go against its nature. Money is spent, deadlines are missed, pressure is mounting and line of business executives don’t quite get it. So how do you really get started?


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Imagine What You Could Do with Enterprise NoSQL
Data is interesting. It can be an enabler -- or an inhibitor – depending on the tools you have to manage and manipulate it. As new data types flood organizations, the pressure is on to take all this data and find value in it. Learn how organizations of all sizes, across all industries, are using the power of Enterprise NoSQL to create an agile platform that allows you to quickly turn data into actionable information to make better decisions, create new products, comply with laws or provide access to their citizens and customers.


Panel Discussion: Enterprise NoSQL - So How Do You Get Started?
Our panel of experts have been there and done that and will explain how they found the right “low-hanging fruit”— the right partners, the right operational areas, and the right business owners to start on the Big Data success path.

  • How they were able to get those first Big Data success stories
  • How technologies like Hadoop, Cloud, and Semantic Enrichment all work with MarkLogic.
  • How to set realistic goals -- and define success
  • How Enterprise NoSQL and Agile have made them more market responsive
  • How developing Big Data solutions have impacted top and bottom lines – and helped their careers.
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