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Washington DC: Washington Marriott Metro Center

Wednesday, June 19
775 12ᵗʰ Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Government agencies are being tremendously impacted by the challenges of managing and utilizing Big Data. Legions of IT pros are trying to make legacy technology go against its nature. Money is spent, deadlines are missed, pressure is mounting, and your department heads and other constituents don’t quite get it. So how do you really get started?



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What's the Big Deal with Big Data? What You Don't Know Will Hurt You…
Steven Cooper, former CIO of DHS and FAA, will provide a government perspective on big data and the problems associated with capturing and managing it so that it can create value for agencies and taxpayers alike. Specifically, he’ll be talking about issues that traditional, legacy technologies can’t solve – and what types of capabilities agencies should be looking for in order to avoid the schedule delays and cost overruns that often plague government IT projects.


Imagine What You Could Do with Enterprise NoSQL
Data is interesting. It can be an enabler -- or an inhibitor – depending on the tools you have to manage and manipulate it. As new data types flood organizations, the pressure is on to take all this data and find value in it. Learn how organizations of all sizes, across all industries, are using the power of Enterprise NoSQL to create an agile platform that allows you to quickly turn data into actionable information to make better decisions, create new products, comply with laws or provide access to their citizens and customers.


Case Study: Federal Agency
A Federal agency has deployed a system to monitor and track key information, with a dashboard that is updated in real-time for situational awareness and crisis management. The system brings together a mix of structured and unstructured information from multiple sources and makes it searchable and discoverable for a variety of users. It also includes workflow, visualization, and mapping features to help users turn new data into actionable information.

Will Lawrence from CodeFry, the IT lead for the Federal partner’s system, will provide an overview of the system architecture and application, and explain how using nontraditional technologies such as a NoSQL database platform helped reduce development time and cost for this mission-critical system.


Big Data Solutions for Homeland Security
Fulfilling the promise of Big Data requires solutions that facilitate real-time access to diverse data sources in a secure and reliable manner for the enterprise. TIBCO is a leader in delivering infrastructure that helps the National Security community to access data, automate processes, identify patterns of interest and share information securely. This session will survey the solutions TIBCO has delivered to Government customers, and provide a vision of how TIBCO software, combined with the flexibility of an Enterprise NOSQL Database, will create powerful Big Data solutions.