Gaining Data Agility with Multi-Model Databases

Increase Your Organization’s Data Agility with a Multi-Model Approach

Discover how multi-model databases reduce the time and effort required to bring a scalable system to life by taking advantage of different types of data models (and multiple schemas) in a single backend.

In this free O’Reilly eBook, Gaining Data Agility with Multi-Model Databases by consultant Joel Ruisi, you’ll learn how, with a multi-model database, your company can easily centralize, manage, and search all the data the IT system collects. The result is data agility: the ability to adapt to changing environments and serve users what they need when they need it.

Through several detailed use cases, this eBook explains how multi-model databases enable you to:

  • Store and manage multiple heterogeneous data sources
  • Consolidate your data by bringing everything in “as is”
  • Invisibly extend model features from one model to another
  • Take a hybrid approach to analytical and operational data
  • Enhance user search experience, including big data search
  • Conduct queries across data models
  • Offer SQL without relational constraints