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Enterprise NoSQL for Dummies

A quick, concise and easy to understand overview

This book provides an overview of NoSQL database technology. Download the book and discover what Enterprise NoSQL is and why you do (or do not) need it.

Chapter Summaries

  1. NoSQL 101
    • Understand key NoSQL terms
    • See what NoSQL is — and isn't
    • Decide whether NoSQL can benefit your business
  2. What's the Difference in DBMSes
    • Discover the difference between relational and NoSQL data modeling
    • Learn how to handle relationships
    • Understand (de)normalization
  3. Going Beyond the Data Center with NoSQL
    • See how NoSQL distributes data
    • Make sure that your data is consistent
    • Keep document contents durable
  4. Seeing What Enterprise NoSQL Can Do
    • Use replication
    • Back up your data
    • Ensure data integrity
    • Spotlight critical security matters

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